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Pigeon Racing


  Here is the front side of a loft for racing Pigeons.  Man has lots of history with Homing Pigeons.  Used for communication long before there were telephones etc. all the way thru WW2.  Homing Pigeons are raced for sport all over the world to this day.  Put on a truck with many other birds from competing lofts, they are driven a few hundred miles away from home and released in the morning around 8am.  They will be back at their home loft by early afternoon.  Each pigeon has a leg band with a microchip in it and a unique number.  When they arrive at their home loft they must go thru the trap (the hole underneath the Easy Street sign in the center of the loft above).  When they go thru, the chip in their leg band registers on and electronic clock that was synchronized by the racing club the day before.  When all the birds are back or time has run out, the clock is taken back up to the club and checked by a computer to determine birds arrival times and yards per minute to determine winning birds and lofts.  Each lofts exact GPS location is known so winning birds are determined by yards per minute to even out the different loft locations.  All the stuff on the roof of the loft is to discourage Pigeons from landing on the roof.  If your bird is the first one back but lands on the roof just out of reach, he doesn't go thru the trap to set off the electronic clock.  Meanwhile everyone else's birds are doing what they are supposed to and setting off their clocks.  YOU LOOSE.  A few seconds can mean the difference between first place and twentieth place.  There are often close to 3000 birds in a race. 



Here is the electronic clock.  This is taken to the club before and after a race.  The flyers birds are logged in the clock by the club as they are put on the truck to be taken to the release point.  There is a pad just inside the loft trap that the clock plugs into that stays at the loft.  Its like a grocery store scanner.


The different color patterns of the birds have different names.  This one is called a blue bar.



This one is called a blue check.


 The white splotchy pattern are called grizzles. 



This one is called a Red.


This Pigeon is called a dropper.  He doesn't race.  When the racers arrive and are over the loft, the dropper is thrown and he flys to the loft landing board.  This signals the racers that the coast is clear from hawks and other predators and they land on the loft and thru the trap.


An all white dropper.  Notice the feathers on the feet and the small beak.  There are different breeds and colors of dropper.

Local race results:

     Tampa Bay Concourse   FSI    GHC    Unit ten

Local club websites:




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